Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness

This time it's the real thing.

I've never thought of myself as a real sports fan. Sure, there's the auto racing. And you kind of have to like the Cubs, on principle. And then there's the Colts - although I really only started paying attention to football to be polite to Aaron, at least until I found out how hot the players are.

That didn't mean I was into basketball. Not really.

I don't seem to have much choice in the matter. Things are going well for every team I'd have to care about. Purdue is progressing through the NCAA bracket, as is Butler. We can be cautiously optimistic about both teams - Purdue is short a good player, and Butler is an awfully small school (and just had a painfully close game), but either could keep going for awhile. We used to go to all the games at Hinkle Fieldhouse when I was a kid, so Butler's sort of the hometown team.

But now I've married into a Kentucky family.....which may make me a blue-blood, of the "bleeds blue and white" sort. They take their basketball very seriously in Lexington - so seriously that this life-sized poster of DeMarcus Cousins was published, section-by-section, in the Lexington newspaper. We celebrated Aaron's father's imminent retirement and some of his colleagues brought this out and encouraged everyone to see how they'd measure up to the 6'11" Cousins. Not very far, in my case - I don't even come up to his tattoo.

So now I'm cheering for three teams. Theoretically, they could all make it to the Final Four, so I don't have to pick a favorite until then. But I think I'd like having a life-size poster a lot better if it were of Blue II.


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