Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Samples I Bought

I once heard comedian describe cosmetic companies' "Free Gift with Purchase" like this: "If you spend $49.50 on something you don't really want, they'll give you seven little tiny things you don't really need."

I've found a way to cut straight to the chase, and skip the thing I don't really want. I bought my first-ever Groupon, so for just $12.50 I could sign up for the Eco Luxe Life's inTELL program, and get packets full of eco-friendly sample-sized goodies.

This is the first package's haul. The yellow sheet is a "reusable paper towel" - a cleaning cloth made from soy. I find I really like it, because it dries quickly, so I don't have something sitting around getting wet and smelly. I haven't tried any of the other things yet, but there's a coffee extract (just add water and you get coffee!), gum, an adorably tiny lip gloss, a moist towelette, conditioner, and a dryer sheet. Everything on my first floor now smells like the dryer sheet.

I have to confess that may be a bit crazy sample-sized things. Years ago, I filled out one of the grocery surveys from the coupon section of the paper, and received a package that included a sample-sized roll of plastic wrap, just six inches across. I loved that thing. I don't remember if we ever actually used the plastic wrap, but I thought trial-sized wrap was just the coolest thing in the world.

I'll have three more packages to look forward to, one for each season. It's sort of like getting a swap package in the mail, without having to send anything out. Anything but $12.50, that is - but I'm sure I'll have forgotten all about that by the time the Fall package arrives.


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