Sunday, March 07, 2010

Start Crazy

Any post-Olympics of pre-Sock Madness resolve I had about finishing some works in progress has disappeared. It helps that I realized I have until May to finish Elizabeth's socks, so Sock Madness won't interfere with my Sock Day Club knitting. (Are you amazed that Aaron can keep all my sock activities straight? I would be, but I'm not sure that he does. I think he just smiles and humors me when he hears the word "sock.") I started two projects yesterday, and will likely begin a third as soon as I can get to a yarn store.

The first project is a Sock Monkey Hat, for my chemo cap collection. When Cindy and her friends did Walk For the Cure, "Marty's Monkeys" was their team name. So I think she'll be amused by it, and I hope its eventual recipient will be. This is also Plymouth Encore Chunky, with some regular Encore held double for the mouth, because I couldn't find all of the sock monkey colors I needed in Chunky in one place, and driving around from one store to another trying to assemble a complete monkey kit would have driven me completely crazy. I'm pretty sure this will be finished by Spring Break, so that will be two caps, at the very least.

Project #2 is a sweater. The last one was so much fun - and I felt so good about finishing it, that I thought I'd go ahead and try another. (We're going to ignore the 4 sweaters I have on the needles, right?) I'm using some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that Debbie gave me as part of her fiberalong destash, and I'm making the Drop-Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits. Last week's mega-shopping trip left me with a lovely white shirt that one simply must wear something over or under, so this sweater should be a good match. I don't know if I can expect to finish this one in two weeks - although this picture is just a single day's knitting - a couple of episodes of Bobby Flay's Throwdown - so it should progress pretty quickly.

Project #3 will be a copy of the hats the US Olympic team wore for the Opening Ceremonies. Even if I have to buy yarn, I'm pretty sure I can get the hat for less than $75.00. When my official Ravelympics Pin (with an adorable picture of Bob the Dog) arrives, I can wear it on my new hat.


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