Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Somewhere, Something, Sometime, Sweater!!!!!

Somewhere, I have a bunch of half-finished posts about all the knitting and other stuff I've been doing. There are pictures and everything, and they're just waiting for me to hit "edit post," finish something already, and release them. Sometime, I'll do that.

But for right now I should forget about catching up, and just start over already, because I'm really really excited about something - I may actually finish my Olympic Sweater!

So the brief catch-up is that I'm doing the Knitting Olympics. And I decided to do a sweater - the February Lady sweater. And I've been working on it.

Tonight, I bound off the bottom and started the first sleeve. This picture is from yesterday, just a few rows before I did the bottom band. It's kind of a lousy picture because I took it with a mirror, but it's the best I have for now. That will change soon - now that the body is finished it will be much easier to try on as I check the sleeve length.

So in case I never put up the posts with the "I'm starting a sweater" details, this is Cascade Yarns Lana d'Oro, which found its way into my home thanks to a generous Christmas gift from Aaron's parents. I'm using size 7 needles, rather than the 8 in the pattern, and knitting what's supposed to be a 37.5" bust. It seems to fit rather well. I'll probably use five balls of yarn before the whole thing's finished.

Now I just have to finish a sweater. Then I'll finish blogging.


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