Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Really Over

It's still sinking in that the Olympics are over, but since I've finished what was supposed to be my second Olympic project, they really must be.

This is Wavy Gravy #10, intended as a chemo cap. One of my sisters lost a dear friend to breast cancer right around Christmas, so I'm making a handful of chemo caps to be donated in Martini's memory. It's a surprise, but I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't keep up with my knitting. Because it's a chemo cap it needs to be nice and soft, so I've used Plymouth Encore Chunky - Encore is my go-to yarn for non-knitters. It has more acrylic than I'd use for myself, but it's nice and soft and durable. I hope to get a few more caps done before spring break, because then I could hand them off to my sister so she could donate them.

Here's another sign that the Olympics are finally over, along with the Olympic knitting. After three days of stalking Ravelry, I've received my Bob-bedecked medal:

along with this Franklin design from the Yarn Harlot. I first came to read Franklin's blog because of a conversation on Laurie R. King's blog about his 2006 medal, so it's especially exciting to have one of my own. I'm totally fine with the guy being naked.

Now I really should return to other useful things - working on the house, finishing knit Christmas presents, maybe even washing dishes or doing laundry. And maybe I'll squeeze a few of those in. But I signed up for Sock Madness today, and the new pattern will come out within a week or so. Organizing the stash is sort of like cleaning house, right?


Blogger Isdihara said...

Thanks for sharing this great post! I love that you are still knitting Wav Gravy hats, since I still love them too!

Congrats on your Ravelry and other medals. You ARE an Olympian Knitter!

8:02 PM  

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