Sunday, January 24, 2010

N is for...


I'm being nagged to do housework, and I love it.

People who have been to my house know that I'm a rotten housekeeper. People who haven't been to my house might guess, based on evidence like this, that I'm a rotten housekeeper.

I've tried to get better, but it just doesn't work. A system like Fly Lady seemed nice, but I just couldn't stand all the cutesy sayings or the obsession with shoes, and it seemed to be geared towards stay-at-home mothers who lived in fully equipped houses and did all the domestic work. So I kept hoping that sooner or later someone would start a Fly Lady for adults - cleaning for the rest of us.

Enter NaggyBitch. Ravelry's latest character, she encourages us to do housework every day, starting with "just make the 3#$$%! bed." Next thing I know, I'm actually cleaning.

So, the house is starting to look pretty good. I can probably even show it to my mother. I just can't tell her who's encouraging me to clean it.

Speaking of my mother, I've finished her birthday present. It's blocked out to a nice size, I think, and it seems to fit like it's supposed to. So I'll be delivering this to its new owner soon.


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