Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, um....

So I may have started a new project. Or two. Or three. Three is still "just a few," right?

I've been down with a nasty set of migraines for the past week - the first one hit while I was in Indianapolis for my cousin's wedding, and they just haven't let up. (The wedding, by the way, was lovely. It was a very fall-themed wedding - Crystal made the leaf-decorated invitations and programs herself, the attendants were in fall colors, and they used silk leaves as place cards for the tables. They even had an autumn-orange getaway car!)

So I haven't gotten much of anything done - but it seems like I've managed to get a lot of things started.

I misplaced my new Calorimetry headband, so I've had to make myself another. It's still cold here! We finally had some sun over the weekend - it was almost confusing to wake up to bright and cheerful light. But that seems to have been just a weekend treat, and there's no warm-up in sight. So I have another headband, this one made from another mystery yarn I had around. Cast on 110 stitches, and I've lost track of how wide it is - I was going for something a bit narrower this time.

They're so quick to make, why not another? I'm trying to take it easy, so I curled up with NUM3ERS on the on-demand TV, and spent several catch-up episodes knitting. (I'm glad Amita said "yes" to Charlie - I can vouch for the quality of mathematicans as husbands!) This Calorimetry is about to go in the mail, as a Random Act of Kindness for someone in the LSG group on Ravelry. I cast on 90 stitches, and used Nele, a big, thick yarn Aaron brought back from Germany. The yarn I had made kind of a narrow band, but it should be enough to help keep someone warm.

And now I'm working Calorimetry #3 (or #5, if you count all the ones I've made). This one will go to my sister, in Montana. Two weeks ago they were enjoying 80-degree days, and now they have blizzards! She actually closes off part of her house each winter, in an attempt to conserve heat. (Her dogs are bigger than mine. I wonder if that helps?) So I guess I can't complain too much about the cold days here - and I hope this will help Nancy keep a little bit warmer.

Once these are done, I'll get back to work on the UFO collection. I spent some time going through the stash, trying to find projects that needed attention. I seem to have a few....


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