Friday, October 02, 2009

Winning the battle, losing the war

So far, so good. One thing finished, and nothing new started.

I have my very own Calorimetry, and it's nice and toasty warm.
But not warm enough, I fear. Although I've tried - really tried - to avoid turning on the heat, I had to give in. It's just too darn cold, and too darn wet. I really can't make pot roast for dinner every day, and I'm running out of excuses to turn on the oven.

But I'll still appreciate having the nice warm headband. I've set the thermostat to 69 degrees, and I'm not touching it. I won't say anything if Aaron feels the need to turn it up, but I'm not touching it.

Next project - the Baby Surprise Jacket. At least I hope it's next - I've had some trouble finding the leftover yarn for seaming. But tomorrow we're off to Indianapolis for a wedding, so I'll do some serious knitting during the trip, and then come back to sew up a jacket. And to avoid starting any new projects!


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