Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's been cold here since before Christmas.

It's easy to tell that it's cold, because this is what I see for most of the day. Usually, the VeryBadDogs don't hang out so close to each other, so when they start stacking I know it must be cold.

This is how I've been trying to fix it. Christmas leftovers were a bit disappointing this year, because there were no rolls left. There was a time when my sister-in-law would make absolutely wonderful yeast rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She'd rub butter over the top of them as soon as they came out of the oven, and keep them warm on top of the stove. They were delicious fresh, and we'd snack on the leftovers for days. These days, another sister-in-law brings rolls from a favorite restaurant. They're not quite as good as homemade, but there were good enough that there weren't any leftovers. These Betty Crocker rolls, mixed in a bread machine, turn out to be a reasonably adequate substitute - for the restaurant rolls, if not for the homemade ones. Having to turn the oven on is just a bonus.

I'm progressing on the Mojo knitalong socks, although I haven't made it over for the knitting yet. We had a pretty heavy snowfall, and it seemed more sensible to stay home and knit. Once I started knitting with the Half-Blood Prince, I had to pull out the book and re-read it, too. So it's been a magical week to start off the new year.

This is proving to be a nifty yarn. Here's how it looked in the skein,

and here's how it's knitting up. It's a funky-looking sock on its own, but looks nice on. I'm about to start the heel, and rather than doing the pattern's afterthought heel I'm doing a short-row heel. I've never liked short-row heels, but I want the sock to be done when it's done. Maybe this week I'll make it over to Ewe Knits to show off my progress.


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love the yarn!

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