Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Before, Part 1

So there are serious upsides to moving. One of them is that we'll have a craft room.

Or perhaps I should say that we'll have a craft room, eventually. This is the "before" picture, and I hope it will soon be followed by lots of nice and organized-looking "after" pictures.

Our attic is semi-finished - probably in the 60s or 70s, judging from the paneling and the orange carpet. I had the same carpet, but in red, in my childhood bedroom, and I think my parents picked it out when they moved in.

So it's going to be a craft room. Eventually, I'd like to swap the paneling and orange carpet for drywall and linoleum. But for right now, I'll be happy with some sense of organization. The sooner we get the attic craft room in shape, the sooner we'll be able to work on the basement workshop, or the garage space for crafts with fire. And then, finally, we'll be able to do fun crafty stuff again. Or we'll just take over the dining room table - I'm not ruling that one out.


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