Sunday, January 17, 2010

"M" is for...

Meret. Mine is almost done, and since I'm at the crown, it should go pretty quickly now. I made a lot of progress last night while watching the Colts win their first playoff game, so I'll look for more football today in hopes of getting it finished.

Mother. The Meret is a birthday gift, so it needs to go in the mail by Wednesday. I've decided to go with the "slouchy," but not "extra slouchy," option, so it should keep her ears warm without squishing her hair. I think the lace will open up nicely once I block it, and it should be plenty slouchy then.

Mojo. I went to my first knit-gathering at Ewe Knits yesterday, and brought along the Mojo Sock. It's not my first priority project right now, but it seemed appropriate to work on there. I'm close to finishing the first sock, I think. Next time I'm working on it when I'm not in polite company, I'll try it on and see how much longer it needs to be. The official deadline for the knitalong is February 10, and with the Olympics approaching that's a good one to try to meet.

and Me. Flat Me. A friend's daughter sent us a "Flat Me" doll, so we're supposed to take her out for adventures. Bloomington in the winter doesn't offer much in the way of adventures, but we're doing our best. So she went out to the Normal Theater on Friday to see Our Man in Havana. I think she's going to make a college visit tomorrow, and I'll try to find some other exciting places to go. Sooner or later, she's going to get some knitwear, too.


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