Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here's a finished project, just in time for Halloween.

Meet Boo. Boo the Bat is a Mochimochiland pattern, and a project I started last October. He's been on hold for quite awhile, but he knitted up really quickly once I paid some attention to him. I did most of the knitting at Tuesday's knit night (a little less than two hours), finished him up yesterday, and then blocked and assembled him today. Blocking is really important for this pattern, because the wings are just a single layer and have to be blocked to shape.

And the wings are functional! Boo has a little button, so he can fold his wings together and take a nap. His little loop feet make it possible to hang around like a proper bat. When Kerry described Boo's feet to me last year, I knew I had to knit one - so I'm glad he's finally finished.

I'm not exactly sure where Boo is going to make his home. Since our bats in the attic are still around, Aaron's not feeling especially bat-happy right now. But who wouldn't love Boo? We'll see if I give in to the temptation to make him a few friends before Halloween!


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