Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take Socks Out to the Ball Game

I've never made it to a Stitch-n-Pitch, and I haven't seen a baseball game in years. But tonight, we went to a Lexington Legends game with Aaron's family, so I brought along my knitting, in my own personal Stitch-n-Pitch night.

I can see why baseball lends itself so well to knitting. The game moves pretty slowly, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of cheering or anything, so nothing really interrupts the knitting. The Department of Justice had a table set up at the park, and I got to meet the most friendly explosives-sniffing dog in the world. I think I'm still drying off from all the doggie kisses. It was a beautiful night for a game, and so the whole thing was a lot of fun - except for the part where the home team lost.

Maybe they would've done better if they'd had more knitters to cheer them on.

The sock, which I very nearly finished at the game, is the first of my Mock Cable Footies. This was the May/June Sock Club sock, another one of Michelle's designs. I'm using the Cantata yarn that I bought in Banff - at some point I'll try to blog about the lovely yarn shop in Banff.

I started these socks at the Sock Club in June, which was the same day as my bachelorette party, which was the same day I cast on the Honeymoon Socks. So it's an interesting coincidence that I've finished the first sock in each pair today. I wasn't planning on this - it's just a matter of the stages each of the socks were at, and the opportunity I've had to do knitting that's complicated or less so.

So here's the Honeymoon sock.

It's a toe sock!

That's part of why it's being worked on now, when we're in one place for a few days and don't have boxes to unpack. Toes are a bit complicated. But I'm really growing to like toe socks as an option for the funky yarns that don't lend themselves well to stitch patterns - it offers something interesting to do, and toe socks are cool.

So I've cast on Sock 2 for both pairs. It's not my intention to finish them at the same time, but we'll see what happens. We have a 3+ hour drive tomorrow, with a trip to Ikea throw in, so that should provide a fair amount of knitting time - then it's back to the boxes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Was there knitting at the wedding?

Heck, yeah!

But you don't want the short answer, right? You want proof. I have some.....

I started my Honeymoon Sock on the day of the bachelorette party. The yarn is some that Aaron brought back from Germany, so it seemed appropriately sentimental for wedding knitting.

The sock got to come to the party, and hang out with the friendly bartender at Jillians.

And while there were a few of the more traditional bachelorette gifts (none of which will be pictured here), Kerry brought me yarn. Handspun yarn! She's saying good-bye to it here, and I'm just amazed and touched that she was able to part with such lovely yarn.

It turns out that there's a lot of hurry-up-and-wait at a wedding. I had to get ready early, and spend a lot of time hiding so none of the guests would see me. Just think - nearly an hour of uninterrupted knitting time! It's almost a shame I can't get married every weekend!

I didn't actually knit during the wedding, but two of my Sock Day Club friends came, so I'm pretty sure there was knitting during the actual ceremony.

And I brought the sock out again for the pictures.

I thought I was being very good by not actually registering for yarn. Fortunately, Kira knew I'd be more than happy with non-registry gifts. She made sure I had yarn at the reception - because she wanted me to be well-stocked for the honeymoon! She stressed that I was only supposed to knit in the car.

And I stuck to that, for the most part. But some things just cried out for sock pictures.

(No, I don't know why there's a giant swan here - it's at a Chamber of Commerce office someplace in Michigan. But when you see a giant concrete swan, you kind of have to stop and take its picture.)

As it happens, I didn't need to tap into Kira's provisions. We found this on the way to Mackinac City - possibly the best business combination I've ever seen.

We spent the honeymoon driving around Lake Michigan. Aaron did the driving, so that gave me lots of time to knit. But there were some times when knitting just wouldn't have been a good idea.

Like this.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am happy to be miserable.

I haven't been able to blog in nearly two months.

The trip to Banff was the most consecutive nights we have spent in one place since the end of the semester.

I have hardly bought any fresh fruit or vegetables in the last two months.

My furniture is either in boxes, covered with boxes, or made of boxes.

I have many, many, things I should be writing.

My printer is on the kitchen counter, because that is the only 3-prong outlet I can find.

I have been bitten by every spider in West Lafayette. And the bites itch.

And I am happy.

This is one reason why.

And this is another.

Aaron and I are married. And we have a home, a home in which we will live, together. It was a beautiful wedding, and it's a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood, with beautiful streets for walking the dogs.

I should try to post more to catch up, but that covers the important parts.