Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take Socks Out to the Ball Game

I've never made it to a Stitch-n-Pitch, and I haven't seen a baseball game in years. But tonight, we went to a Lexington Legends game with Aaron's family, so I brought along my knitting, in my own personal Stitch-n-Pitch night.

I can see why baseball lends itself so well to knitting. The game moves pretty slowly, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of cheering or anything, so nothing really interrupts the knitting. The Department of Justice had a table set up at the park, and I got to meet the most friendly explosives-sniffing dog in the world. I think I'm still drying off from all the doggie kisses. It was a beautiful night for a game, and so the whole thing was a lot of fun - except for the part where the home team lost.

Maybe they would've done better if they'd had more knitters to cheer them on.

The sock, which I very nearly finished at the game, is the first of my Mock Cable Footies. This was the May/June Sock Club sock, another one of Michelle's designs. I'm using the Cantata yarn that I bought in Banff - at some point I'll try to blog about the lovely yarn shop in Banff.

I started these socks at the Sock Club in June, which was the same day as my bachelorette party, which was the same day I cast on the Honeymoon Socks. So it's an interesting coincidence that I've finished the first sock in each pair today. I wasn't planning on this - it's just a matter of the stages each of the socks were at, and the opportunity I've had to do knitting that's complicated or less so.

So here's the Honeymoon sock.

It's a toe sock!

That's part of why it's being worked on now, when we're in one place for a few days and don't have boxes to unpack. Toes are a bit complicated. But I'm really growing to like toe socks as an option for the funky yarns that don't lend themselves well to stitch patterns - it offers something interesting to do, and toe socks are cool.

So I've cast on Sock 2 for both pairs. It's not my intention to finish them at the same time, but we'll see what happens. We have a 3+ hour drive tomorrow, with a trip to Ikea throw in, so that should provide a fair amount of knitting time - then it's back to the boxes.


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The toe sock is really cute. I like the way each toe is different...

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