Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Knitting Goals

With the Solstice, it's time to review my progress on my summer knitting goals. I'm afraid it's not very pretty.

Of the original 26 things on the list, I finished 7. And one of those is not doing anything:

Amanda's Sockday Socks
Avoid the temptation to cast on "Isabella" until I've finished the Kauni Cardigan
"Hope" socks, in time for November
Preemie caps for any remaining primaries
Deliver the IN preemie caps
My Hogwarts kit, for the swap
Join the SP12 swap

To be fair, I did one of these twice - I've been through two Hogwarts kits since I made the list. I don't know how much of a difference that makes, but I'll take whatever Joy in Finishing I can find.

I also added two projects - the Gunnister Pouch and the Hufflepuff Head Wrap - to the list. So that gives me 9 out of 28. There were also some lovely projects that didn't make the list, but since the whole point of setting the goals is to finish them, I'm not going to count those.

The list of leftovers is starting to look pretty familiar:
  1. Finish the Dog Sweaters
  2. Travelling Socks, if I can figure out how to knit them
  3. Reversai Socks
  4. Lickety Split socks (in time for my birthday, although I probably won't need them then)
  5. The Red Scarf
  6. Finish the Kauni Cardigan in time to wear next fall
  7. Other Obama charity knitting
  8. My Wedding Shawl
  9. Fiber Fish mittens
  10. Bavarian Strolling socks
  11. Sidewinders socks
  12. Bulgarian Rose socks
  13. Cotton socks
  14. Coriolis socks
  15. The "Walkies" pattern
  16. Nordic Socks
  17. March/April Sock Club socks
  18. May/June Sock Club socks
  19. Something fun - preferably with a fish!
I didn't finish any of these. I didn't even start some of them. And some of them have been on the list ever since I started making lists.

So this time around, I'm going to do something different - the Winter WIP Workdown. Starting today, I must finish two projects for every one I cast on. Here are the details:

  • There is only one exception. I will start a new project on New Year's Day, no matter what. Anything else - including gifts or swaps - has to be accounted for in the two-for-one scheme.
  • A project cast on during this time can count toward the finished total.
  • This will continue until Summer, or until I get rid of all of the WIPs.
  • Frogging counts as finishing, provided I really do frog and re-skein the yarn.
  • Here is the list of projects I have on Ravelry right now. I'm using this list as a rough guide, but if I come across any unfinished projects they can go into the pool.
  1. The Unoriginal Hat, for Charity
  2. Walkies I, the dog sweaters
  3. Sushi toilet paper cozy
  4. Calorimetry
  5. Thorpe hat
  6. Wavy Gravy Hat #4
  7. Snowflake ornament
  8. Jacques Cousteau Hat
  9. Wavy Gravy Hat #3
  10. Wavy Gravy Hat #2
  11. Christmas Garland Socks
  12. Versatility
  13. "Flowing" Moebius Scarf
  14. Boo the Bat
  15. Chain of Hearts socks
  16. Year of the Rat socks
  17. Nordic Socks
  18. Fiber Fish mittens
  19. Kauni Cardigan
  20. Wedding Shawl
  21. Red Scarf
  22. Bulgarian Rose socks
  23. Reversai Socks
  24. Herakles Coriolis socks
  25. Snowdrop Shawl
  26. Traveling Socks
  27. Pomatomus
  28. Bavarian Strolling socks
  29. Granny Square afghan
  30. Sunrise Circle Jacket
  31. Sidewinders socks
  32. Lana Grossa cardigan
  33. Belle Epoque sweater
I think I'm going to have to hope for a lot of snowdays!


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