Saturday, November 29, 2008

Circle of Lights

Yesterday provided that perfect confluence of events - we were in Indianapolis the day after Thanksgiving, and it was a reasonably nice day - that allowed Aaron and me to head downtown for the city's traditional Christmas kick-off; the lighting of the "tree" at Monument Circle.

We made our way to the Downtown area about an hour before the actual lighting, and had to park a mile away, leaving us glad for the nice day. The walk proved to be much more pleasant than the evening's entertainment - a handful of goofy redneck soul performers and some singing children - and we got to gawk at the huge line of people trying to get into the Starbucks on the Circle, when there was another one just a block away.

They put the lights up a few weeks ago, and many of the surrounding buildings were already decorated. But that's not what drew us to stand outside on a cold November evening.

This was.

It's goofy, but it's fun. Santa, a dramatic countdown, and the "ooh-ah" moment when the "World's Largest Christmas Tree" lights up.

And knitting, of course. I'm still working on my Moebius scarf.

The scarf didn't get to come along for the final stop in our Christmas tourism. The City-County building obligingly left its observatory open until 10:00 so that visitors could enjoy the Christmas lights, which was lovely. What wasn't so lovely is that some genius decided they need to screen, all the time, for "dangerous items" - which include many of the things a reasonable person might reasonably carry in her/his pockets or purse. Including knitting. And they don't offer any sort of checking service - "take it back to your car" was their only suggestion. (Remember that whole "parked a mile away" thing? Now add a few blocks.) The first day of the Winter Holiday Season is not a good time to get grouchy about idiots in government, but that's something I'll resolve to do with the new year.

So there's no knitting to be seen in this otherwise lovely view of the city - but perhaps the lights can stand on their own. The observatory also has a fun exhibit of souvenirs presented to the city, so we took that in along with the view, and generally had a good time. Now I'm just waiting for it to sink in that Christmas is less than a month away, and I have knitting to do!


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