Friday, November 28, 2008

Shrinking the List

We've been driving around the state for Thanksgiving - but the nice thing is that Aaron's done a lot of the driving, so I can knit!

So we've visited relatives and enjoyed a bunch of food (including wild turkey!), and I finished two knitting projects.

The first was more of an embroidery - and - felting project. I've had the knitting finished for my second Dumpling Bag for several weeks, but I've been slow on the embroidery, and wanted to felt this one in a machine. So after we got home from Thanksgiving dinner, I finished up the embroidery and tossed it in.

And here's the result. (The dog toy was the handiest thing for scale. Grandma provides a lot of dog toys.) Much as I hate felting by hand, I think it may be worth doing. I just don't like the shape of this bag as much as I did the previous one. I've mixed two yarns - Lion Wool and Cascade 220 - here, and I think that may be part of the problem. I'll see if it grows on me, or if I need to sit down with a tub of hot water and give up my fingerprints again.

The VeryLongSock was my on-the-road project. On Monday, it will be on its way to a new home. It's a cute bookmark, and I think some careful blocking will make it even cuter.

So that's two things to strike off my Ravelry list. I'd feel smug, but I started a new set of Christmas Socks yesterday, so the list isn't shrinking very fast.


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