Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yarn to be Thankful For

I've had all sorts of yarn goodness coming my way lately.

First there was this.

We did a "Wizard Cracker" exchange as part of the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap, and these were the goodies in my cracker.

Traditional crackers include a hat, and the person who put my cracker together managed to do that- in a slightly unfinished way. What fun!

And so I've already started knitting. It's the Noro Kureyon One-Ball Wavy Gravy Hat - which will, supposedly, use just one ball of this lovely yarn. It's knitting up pretty quickly, so I could see getting addicted to this pattern if it works.

Then I bought some yarn for myself. My friend Michelle gave me a River Knits gift certificate as a post-election surprise, so I had fun using that. (Yarn AND a new President! Isn't that just great?)

This is Jojoland's Kaleidoscope yarn, in a nice Christmasy colorway. I've been on a quest for the Perfect Christmas Socks for the past few years, so this will be my next try. I'm really glad Michelle inspired me to buy the yarn, because when I want to enter it on Ravelry, I saw it had been discontinued.

Then yesterday, the newest collection to my yarn collection arrived - my Hogwarts package. All these goodies are from loomatic, known as Amethyst Aurag in the swaps.

All the details are over at my character blog, so you can head over there if you're interested. Let's just say that the dogs and I are all pretty happy with this swap!


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