Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just in Time

I've finished my Dream Swatch Head Wrap for the Hufflepuff Knitalong, just in time for the final round of Quidditch tomorrow.

Here's the whole thing. It still needs to be blocked a bit, but that can wait until we have a working ironing board again (there's a story involving Oscar there). The original pattern calls for 24 of the crossed-stitch rows. I have 33, and it's still shorter than the original. I stepped down a needle size to get a nicer fabric for the stockinette parts, so that led to shorter cross rows.

I changed the direction of the crosses in every other row for the sake of symmetry. I may try another one without the change, just to see which I like best.

It's hard to get a picture with it on, since the "self-portrait" mode of my camera doesn't seem to make my arms any longer.

This also isn't the best time of year to model - the thing is much warmer to wear than I expected. But I'm sure I'll appreciate that come winter, which is one more reason to make another one.

So now I'm really finished with knitting on a deadline. Now it's time to get ready for Pennsic. And to spin. And to make stuff for my Secret Pal. Maybe I need to pretend I have deadlines.


Blogger Lavender A said...

Very pretty!! Congrats on finishing :D

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