Friday, July 04, 2008

I must have more of this yarn.

It's the Fourth of July, which means it's kickoff day for the Hufflepuff Dream Swatch Head Wrap Knitalong.

I started mine this morning, using the Briar Rose Fibers 4th of July yarn I picked up at last year's fleece fair. I must have more of this yarn. It was bought to be a Clapotis, but I'm not sure there would've been enough for that, even if I weren't using it for the knitalong. So I just need more.

The colors are flowing together just perfectly. The yarn handles beautifully. I love it. I need more. I must find another fleece fair, soon.

By evening I was able to pull myself out of the "must have yarn" trance to head over to Purdue for the fireworks display. I've never stayed in town for the 4th before, so this was a first visit to the annual concert at Slayter Hill. We got there just in time for the wrap to check out the Lafayette Citizens' Band performance of the 1812 Overture, with the World's Largest Drum standing in for the cannon. (Can anyone tell me why we commemorate American independence with music that celebrates the victory of Tsarist Russia over Republican France?)

And I have to include a shot of the fireworks, just to show that I'm figuring out the function on my camera. It was a nice show, and even now the neighbors are doing their best to offer sequels.

Unfortunately, we got home to discover that Oscar really didn't like the fireworks. So our plans of lighting our own in the backyard had to be scrapped.

On another note, I've finished a non-knitting project. This little sparrow pouch is about to be sent of as a gift. I won't say who it's for, just in case she's reading the blog.

And one more note - some of my knitting friends have items up for auction with Live Long and Marry, a science-fiction-fandom based organization that's raising funds to combat the anti-gay constitutional amendment being proposed in California. There is all kinds of cool stuff available - including a lot of good knitting or knit stuff - and, as they put it, your bid will help make sure that no one makes Mr. Sulu sad. Just don't bid on the homemade citrus preserves - I'm trying to talk myself into that one!


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Pretty yarn! How's the wrap coming along? And how wide is yours?

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