Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catching Up Again

Somehow it's been a busy week. I don't know if that means that I've gotten much done, but it does mean that I've been neglecting the blog. So for some updates:

1. I'm still working on the bag for my Hogwarts sock pal. I think I'll hold off on posting more pictures, just so she can enjoy something of a surprise.

2. I bought some new yarn. I know I shouldn't, but Elizabeth had just gotten the bag in when I was at Charity Knits on Wednesday. And this stuff looked like it's been dyed just for me. And Sam was there, which meant I needed to get my yarn in a hurry. Sam may be a worse enabler than Glennalee - if that's possible.

This yarn already has a purpose; it's going to become a Swallowtail Shawl. One of the other charity knitters had one, and it was just beautiful. But I'm going to try very hard to be good, and not even think about starting this project until I've finished some others.

3. Speaking of finishing - I finished a project today! I also started it today, so I'm not sure it counts. It's a little bitty sock, even too small for Oscar. I think I could get hooked on the little socks really, really fast.

4. And I'll answer the two secret pal questions I've neglected:

What is your favorite summertime drink?
- I like a nice rose wine in the summer. Lately I've been enjoying Chateau Thomas' Verandah Rose, but I'm also fond of Red Bicyclette's French Rose. A summer wine needs to be sturdy enough to drink with meals, light enough to drink by itself, and cheap enough to drink regularly. When I was in DC, I bought a wonderful rose from Best Cellars, but I've never been able to remember what it was.

What did you most look forward to about summer vacation?
- Not being in school, for one thing. And more generally, the long, late summer nights. We'd disappear after dinner and make it home in time for the "do you know where your children are?" announcement that came on before the nighttime news. I don't really remember what we did with that time - play in parks, I think, or just by the river. Nothing terribly exciting - but that was the good part.



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