Sunday, June 22, 2008


These last few days haven't been the greatest, but here's something to get excited about - the Hufflepuffs won round two of Quidditch!

Once again, I got amazingly lucky and found the Snitch. This time it was sitting on Miss Wartbobble's own blog, just waiting for someone to get bored and wander over there while waiting for a release announcement. It's good for our House that I have a short attention span!

So now I'm at work and can't knit, which is a little troubling, because I've realized that I have to complete nearly two tentacles a day in order to have my bag for my Hogwarts spoilee finished on time. When I add in trying to get stuff ready for my SP12 pal, and trying to have nice-looking garb for Border Raids, that's going to amount to a pretty busy week. I'm just waiting for the part of summer where we get to take it slow and get stuff done.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Selena Ive just awoke to see you found the snitch again - great seeking :)

Huzzah Hufflepuff!

7:03 PM  

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