Sunday, June 08, 2008

Potions Ingredients?

I'd hoped today's blog entry would be about the great time we had at the Vintage Indiana wine festival yesterday. But yesterday was cold and wet, so we stayed in.

I can't even show off any knitting, because I'm frantically working on Amanda's Sockday socks. I've finished one foot, but need two socks before Wednesday. This may be a bit of a challenge.

So I offer this, as an alternative pretty picture. Aaron's planted a lot of flowers in the past few years, and they're in bloom. This is spiderwort, an Indiana native, although it was deliberately introduced to our yard. The flowers open every morning, and wilt and close by afternoon - I'm catching this one just a bit past its prime.

When we were looking through a list of potential wedding flowers, I joked that we could have "spiderwort" and "tickseed," and get the Bug Bowl people to come to the wedding. I didn't realize that spiderwort was so pretty! I may have to re-think tickseed, too.

And this is dianthus - specifically, "firewitch" dianthus. So it really does sound like I'm stocking a kit for Hogwarts, doesn't it?

For now, I'm back to my knitting. I hope to have more pictures of socks - and other fun stuff - soon!



Blogger Jamisyn said...

You should have went to Vintage Indiana. I was there! Granted I didn't go until around 4, but it was a great time and only a little muddy!

11:59 AM  

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