Monday, March 23, 2009

Round 1 finished!

It's about 11:45 on Monday, Dave Letterman just announced that he was married over the weekend, and I've finished the Mertini socks for Round 1 of Sock Madness 3!

Here they are - the finished socks, on my feet. I'm not sure this is the best picture, but I'm in a hurry. I'll try to get better ones when there's sunlight tomorrow.

You can sort of see the "Drunkard's Path" pattern here, in the knits and purls.

But the truly fun and challenging part is the heel - it's an afterthought heel that looks like a normal heel. I think this fits me a little better than a standard turned heel, although there are lots of holes from picking up stitches, so that's a downside to this design.

I'm glad to be done! And I'm glad I stayed up knitting, or I wouldn't have heard about Dave. Now it's on to Round Two!


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