Tuesday, February 03, 2009

They Are Not Raccoons.

We're being invaded. My back yard is full of squirrels, who have been happily dining on all the seed that's fallen out of the bird feeder. I think they're cute, but Oscar thinks THEY ARE EVIL AND MUST BE BARKED AT! All day.

Today they knocked down the bird feeder and chewed a hole in it. And Oscar barked at them a lot more. It's a good think I'm a sucker for cute.

Apparently I'm also a sucker for starting new projects - I cast this one on yesterday, which makes two in three days. This is probably the last picture I'll show for awhile, because it's something of a surprise, but it's sufficiently unrecognizible in this picture that it's safe to post.

It's good to have some big, thick knitting. I've been plagued by migraines since Sunday, and haven't really been able to do anything that requires a lot of thought or dexterity. I hope that changes soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi -
Are you alright? Last time you posted you were suffering migranes and I just hope that all is well. I hope your not blogging because you are doing something fun - - - not that there is something wrong. Thinking of you and missing you! VREDE en VREUGDE Linda

7:37 AM  

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