Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finishing the Fishies

I'm very, very close to finishing another project.

This is very nearly a finished set of Fiber Fish Mittens, a project I started last winter. All I have to do is weave in a whole bunch of ends, and embroider the fishy eyes.

Honestly, I'll be glad to see the end of this project. It hasn't been going so well lately. I had to re-do the thumb gusset three times to get it to where it would fit. And it's still not perfect. Then I had to rip out and re-do the decreases for the head, because it was crooked on my hand.

But it's worse than that. Right now I hate every single thing about this project, including the pattern, the yarn, the designer, the dyer, mittens, picking up stitches, the needles, weaving ends, the shop where I bought my supplies, and the color green. I'm almost to the point of hating fish - which would be crazy - Aaron points out that you can sit at any spot in our home and see at least three fishy things.

I'm not even sure why I hate it so much. It's a perfectly nice pattern, and a lovely yarn. I think I may be getting just a bit discouraged. At least it's almost finished.

And I have other knitting to distract me. This is Phaedra, the January-February sock for River Knits' Sock Club. Michelle says the design was inspired by the Kauni Cardigan I'm knitting, so I kind of have to make them. They're even a stashbuster - she wrote the pattern for the Kureyon Sock yarn, and I'd bought a skein on a whim awhile ago. They'll be somewhat of a finicky pattern, but I think they'll look neat when they're done.

I've also - finally - started my wedding shawl. I bought the yarn almost immediately after Aaron proposed, but it's taken me awhile to decide on a pattern. After hours, if not months, of browsing Ravelry, I decided on A Day in Venice. I like this pattern because you knit the center, and pick up stitches for he border - allowing me to tailor to the border to my wedding dress. I hadn't bought it at the time I chose and started the pattern, but that's changed now. You're not, however, going to see pictures of it!


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