Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Working" Vacation

It's Spring Break, but we haven't had much of a break so far. We started the week in Bloomington, where we attended an SCA event, and I did a lot of knitting.

Then it was off to Indianapolis for some wedding planning. This is the view from the outdoor garden of our wedding site. The railroad tracks and the heliport may make it appear to be a less than ideal location, but the rest of the site is beautiful. And I can guarantee a beautiful view for the wedding itself - the rightmost skyscraper is the launching platform for Indianapolis's 4th of July fireworks, so we'll have one of the best views in the city!

I think we're getting the wedding planning under control. We had dinner with both sets of parents at the rehearsal dinner location, then Aaron's parents and my mother came along for the big planning meeting at the venue. We discussed timelines, made lists of vendors, and picked napkin colors. It turns out there are a lot of decisions beyond the "yes". Next I'll be hiring a DJ, and shopping for shoes (white Birkenstocks!) - after that, I think everything will be in place.

So now we're in Georgetown, visiting Aaron's family. We managed one actual tourist activity - a visit the town's Japanese garden. The plants aren't in bloom yet, but the koi are out, and happy to be fed.

I may have been doing just a little knitting. Or more than a little. This is the second Phaedre sock, and I'm making nice progress. But I'm afraid it's not enough progress - unless I stay up really late, this sock will still be on the needles when the first Sock Madness pattern comes out tomorrow. At this point, it makes more sense to rest - after all, I'm carrying a full complement of needles with me. So Phaedre will wait another week. Or another day or two, if I'm really good!


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