Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday

I understand that for some people, "Selection Sunday" has something to do with some sort of basketball tournament. But those of us who are doing Sock Madness know what the really important selection is - it's time to choose yarn for Round 1!

Here's what I've picked (with some canine help). I'll be away from home on the day the pattern is released, so I have to carry a whole bag of yarn with me, and hope I have something that works.

The candidates are (more or less clockwise, from the top left):

Louet Gems - enough to make a pair of socks in French Blue or Orange, plus some extras for the patterns that use two yarns.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport - this is one of my favorite sock yarns. All of the patterns are designed for sock-weight yarn, but if I can sneak in the sport, I will. The colorway is "Tuscany," and it's something that I picked up entirely on a whim.

Tofutsies - another favorite sock yarn. The blue and white is fairly sedate as Tofutsies go. I counted and realize I have four pairs of Tofutsies socks, and yarn to make six more. Somehow this doesn't seem unreasonable.

Aussi Wool - I bought this at Broad Ripple Knits, but I don't know anything about it. I liked the colors, and it was pretty reasonably priced for a sock yarn. It's blended with a little nylon, which I try to avoid, but I'm a sucker for good colors.

Soxie - I bought two skeins for the Fiber Fish Mittens, but didn't even use up one. I'm glad to have the extra, because it's a great yarn - 100% merino and lovely colors.

Regia Canyon Color - I bought this one when I was visiting Aaron in Oldenburg. It's the only distinctly striping yarn in the collection, and that may be needed for one of the patterns.

I've also packed my entire set of Harmony double-point needles, so I think I'm ready to go. Now I just have to try to get Phaedra off the needles, so I have one more set of free needles, and one less project hanging over me to finish.


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