Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodbye, Rat

So I didn't get to wear them much during the Year of the Rat, but at least I'll be wearing them before the year ends.

I've finished another backlogged project - my Lickety Split socks with the "Rat" kanji, started on last year's Lunar New Year to celebrate my own zodiac year, the rat. The socks are blue because I'm a water rat. And they have fish buttons, rather than rats, just because I like fish.

I'd meant for the buttons to be functional, but forgot to put buttonholes in on the second sock. That may be just as well, since they're kind of tight - I think there would be too much strain on the buttonholes.

So they're finished, and reasonably comfortable. The first rat sock got to travel quite a bit - it met the Yarn Harlot, and attended an election rally, but the second one was mostly a stay-at-home project. BUT the second one was what I worked on while watching the Inauguration. There are a lot of new beginnings to celebrate this month.


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