Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sock Madness I

It's here!

It's actually been here since Thursday morning, but given a choice between knitting and blogging, I'll go for knitting.

I've made pretty good progress, so far. This is where I was Friday night. I've since finished Sock 1, and made a decent start on Sock 2. When I last checked, only 7 people in my division had finished, so I should have plenty of time.

This is a weird sock pattern. It has an afterthought heel, but it's worked top-down, so you have to add a funky cast off/on to be able to try on the sock. Then there's a funky toe decrease, I guess just to make sure everyone's paying attention. (I had a grade-school teacher who would give assignments like that just to trip people up, and I have never gotten over that less-than-fond memory. Lots of "oops, you didn't read," and you didn't even get a sock out of the whole thing. I'm much more inclined to put up with finicky if there's a sock at the end of it.)

But don't take my grumbling to mean that I don't like the pattern. After all, this time I get a sock. I was skeptical about the heel at first, but I'm starting to like it. It's kind of a pain to do (an afterthought heel cleverly disguised to look like a turned heel), but it seems to fit me better than turned heels usually do. I'll wait until I've finished Sock Two before I have a firm opinion on whether I'll ever use such a heel again.

I'm using my Aussi Sock, which may not have been the best choice. So many sock patterns look better in a solid or semi-solid, but those aren't the sock yarns that catch my eye. This pattern is a combination of knits and purls that resemble a quilt design, so it probably would have shown up better in something else. But the sock on the pattern was knitted in a "Beach Glass" colorway, and beach glass made me think of this yarn. I'm getting a bit of neat funky stuff going on where the pooling actually complements the design, so I hope that continues. Even if it doesn't, I like this color well enough that I'll be happy with the socks.

And that's all the blogging I intend to do until I have a "finished" post. I hope that happens tomorrow.


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