Monday, March 30, 2009

Am I Good or What?

Three - count 'em - three pairs of socks this month!

First there were the Sock Madness Socks, getting me through Round 1.

Then there were the Phaedre Socks, just in time for Sock Club.

Now I have these: Last year's Sock Madness socks.

Meet Reversai, a fully-reversable pair of socks. These were the socks that knocked me out of Sock Madness last year, so now I have that monkey off my back, ready to go in to Round 2. The yarn is some that I dyed at The Fiber Event two years ago, so maybe I'll wear them if I go this year.

So that's another project out of hibernation and off the WIP list. Right now I have enough projects finished to take me through Round 5 of Sock Madness. I'm not optimistic enough to think it going beyond that will be a serious issue - but it sure is great to have a whole bunch of new socks.


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