Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Starting Finishing Again

It's time to get back on track with the project-finishing project. So I'm going to try this again - two projects finished for each new project I cast on.

I'll make it less of a challenge or commitment this time around, and more of a good idea. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I'm sure I'll be starting (and, I hope, finishing) a lot of quick projects as gifts. I'm already planning one that I can't blog about yet - but it's the perfect Christmas present for a certain friend with a certain favorite word.

Here's what Ravelry tells me I currently have in progress:

Red Scarf
Kauni Cardigan
Norwegian Socks
Chain of Hearts Socks
Boo the Bat
Christmas Garland Socks
Bellini Lace Shawl
Wedding Shawl (oops!)
Drop Stitch Socks
Highland Bonnet
Honeymoon Socks
Baby Surprise Jacket
Handspun Scarf

And the Hibernating projects are:

Lana Grossa Cardigan
Belle Epoque Sweater
Granny Square Afghan
Bulgarian Rose Socks
Bavarian Strolling Socks
Pomatomus Socks
Sunrise Circle Jacket
Traveling Socks
Snowdrop Shawl
Coriolis Socks

This list is going to be a bit harder to control than the last one - there aren't many easily-finished projects, and I'm pretty sure I no longer own the yarn to finish some of them, having diverted it to something else during the long hibernation. But if I can get my active WIP list down to two rows - 10 projects - by the end of October, I'll feel pretty good about the upcoming Christmas rush.

Home improvement projects do not get a spot on the list. Two of them pop up for every one we so much as think about, and I don't want to have to think about that.


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