Friday, September 11, 2009

Want to be surprised?

I'm very nearly finished with a project!

I've been fascinated by the Baby Surprise Jacket for a long time, but never talked myself into making it. I usually have a "nothing that fits for nothing that grows" rule regarding handknit clothes, which means babies get socks or hats. Besides, I'm not very good at finishing projects on a deadline (I have a baby quilt in progress for someone who will be 18 soon), so smaller is definitely better when there's a due date.

But the Baby Surprise Jacket is just so intriguing. Kerry was knitting one at my bachelorette party, so it's been on my mind lately. So it was very nice of my friends Heather & Ed to start their family, and nicer of them to come visit for a few days. I was able to show them pictures and make sure they liked the project, and have Heather pick out the yarn. Heather picked my favorite of the colors I have, so it's been lots of fun to knit.

It's just amazing that with just some folds and two seams, something can go from this... this. It turned out to be a reasonably quick project, too - I started it on August 24. I was able to show off the halfway point at their baby shower, and was happy to see lots of cooing over the other handknit presents they received. Even if this is easy as knitting goes, it's nice to know my work will be enjoyed!

But it's not quite finished yet. I still need buttons - a very specific type of buttons. The father-to-be is a New Orleans Saints fan, so I'm looking for gold fleurs-de-lis. Any leads?


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