Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fair Time!

Living in Illinois doesn't mean that we'd want to miss the Indiana State Fair!

So, yesterday we headed over to Indianapolis for a visit to the fair. We already had a great time at the fair's annual wine tasting - but yesterday was all about the food. And the fiber, of course.

Some of the food turned out to not be such a good idea. This year's "signature food" was Deep Fried Pizza - apparently an elephant ear spread with marinara sauce and sprinkled with cheese from a can. It was very disappointing - especially since I never got a proper elephant ear to make up for it.

But the fiber was a lot more fun. You can pet the fiber-in-progress, at Goat Mountain.

I think this might be an angora goat. Isn't he cute? There's a gumball machine that vends handfuls of goat treats, so most of the goats don't mind being on display.

Then there's the finished fiber. This was the Year of Tomatoes, so some of the entries reflected that.

And some were just plain cool. I love fish designs - and this one's a lot of fun!

We spent some time trying to recognize names at the knitting display. I saw some people I know, and some people I think I know.

And I saw this really nice afghan.

But my favorite thing was this. I've been wanting to try rug hooking for some time. I don't know if I'd come up with anything this fun, though.


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