Sunday, August 09, 2009

ES 4 Goodies!

I don't think I've mentioned the Envelope Swap before, which is an unfortunate omission, since we're on Round 4 and about to start Round 5. The Envelope Swap is a Ravelry project, and the brainchild of a 14-year-old Raveler. She thought a lot of people who might like to swap were put off by the cost, so for this you send only what can fit in an envelope, and spend about $5. It's loads of fun, trying to come up with goodies for someone with such tight money and space limitations. And it's loads of fun to get stuff in the mail, too!

My Round 4 package had to chase me around for awhile - it came all the way from England, and I'd only given my old address. But now it's here, and it's great!

This round had a theme - "Fun in the Sun" - so Jody sent me two fun yarns that she said reminded her of sea and sky. There's also a cute little purse ("for your ice-cream money," she says) with a lucky penny, some butterfly buttons, some flower seeds, and a note on a beautiful sunflower card. We're finally getting some sunny summer days here, so I know I'll enjoy everything!

I've been a slacker, but finally found most of the things I meant to send, and got the package in the mail. I was almost embarassed when I had to go buy thread for my spoilee - I know that somewhere I have a whole box of embroidery threads - I just don't know which of the 100 or so boxes it's in. I really hope I'm a bit more organized by the time Round 5 comes along.


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