Friday, August 28, 2009

Bundles of Love

So, have you heard about Iraqi Bundles of Love? An American serviceman stationed in Iraq is trying to help out the locals, by distributing sewing and knitting supplies. That's where we come in - most of the people I know have more supplies than we need, and for just $11.95 we can send a good-sized box of them to Iraq. He says the people in his area have been hard-hit by two wars and the sanctions, and that the stuff that's taking up space in our closets will be used and appreciated by people there.

I think it's going to be a win-win deal. I just sent off two boxes, and now I've been able to get one of the fabric totes out of my closet.

He asked that we wrap the bundles in fabric, and tie them up so they're self-contained and easy to distribute. In honor of Dr. Tom Dooley, I tied mine up in red, white, and blue trim - this is American aid!

And here is my American aid. I tried to send things that I thought would be useful, so I went for big pieces of fabric. There are some calicoes that I should have known better than to buy for SCA garb, and a lot of lightweight fabrics from when I learned the "traveling to the Aurora Bleachery in a pick-up truck is dangerous" lesson. I'm getting rid of some weird stuff, because IBOL guy assures us that anything will be used, but I tried to include plenty of good stuff.

The fabric at the very bottom was the hardest to decide on. I kept telling myself I'd make something summery from it - but I never have, and I probably shouldn't even try to wear those colors. I convinced myself to let it go to someone who would be more likely to use it - although looking at the pictures makes me miss it again. But I'm sure I have plenty of other fabric to take my mind off of what I've given up. I can't wait to see the pictures once he starts handing out bundles!


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