Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm it!

I've been tagged in Dish Rag Tag.

A box is on its way to me - a box which contains a dishcloth, a ball of cotton dishcloth yarn, a super-secret dishcloth pattern (well, it looks like this, but the pattern itself is secret!) and a surprise. When I get it, I'll take the dishcloth and the surprise, use the yarn to knit a new dishcloth from the super-secret pattern, and send it, a new ball of yarn, and a new surprise to the next person in my Dish Rag Tag team. As quickly as possible.

It's a race, you see. There are 20 teams of 10, and we're trying to see which team can complete the relay first.

So there can't be any delay. I'm ready to knit as soon as the package gets here. I have my ball of yarn, my size 6 needles, and my (carefully hidden) surprise. I'm scheduling my days to leave free knitting afternoons. I'm walking the dogs in the back, so I don't scare away the mail carrier. And I've scouted out the post offices, so I know how late I can mail my package. Things didn't go well the last time I tried this, so I'm hoping for better luck this time around.

Now I just need a package. I'm ready!


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