Saturday, January 10, 2009

The End of the Moebius Band

Get it? A Moebius strip doesn't have any ends! Ha!

Has it rubbed off on me? I don't know how many coffee cup/doughnut jokes I heard this week, but it's enough that I haven't been tempted to go looking for a bakery.

We're back from our travels, I'm re-settled in at home, and Aaron is in Illinois. All's right with the world, or as right as it can be with that "Aaron in Illinois" part.

I spent yesterday and today trying to finish my Moebius scarf - hoping Aaron would get a chance to see the finished thing and embrace its geekiness, but I wasn't able to knit fast enough. The attached i-cord bind off is great, but takes some time. So here it finally is, in all its one-sided glory.

This is the Moebius Blob, in all the glory it can manage. I've finished knitting the strip, and am ready to start binding the edge. I've been carrying this around all week telling the mathematicians, "I'm knitting a Moebius strip." I'm not sure if they believed me.

Here it is a bit over halfway through the binding off. The circular needle and the yarn are still twisted up in funky ways, but since I only need to work with four stitches at a time, that really doesn't matter.

And here's the finished object. One Moebius Strip scarf, ready (and long enough!) to wear. You can't really block a Moebius band, so I don't have to feel guilty about not blocking it. I'm going to have to drag out my black coat, so I can wear this and show it off.

The next challenge is figuring out what to do with the bit of leftover yarn. Morgana's handspun is far too lovely to neglect.


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