Friday, February 01, 2008

7.2 Inches

Too bad that's not a measure of a day's knitting progress!

Nope, it's a snow day. A good day to stay inside and not do anything.

Except knit. My Soxie yarn has been patiently waiting since Tuesday, so a day at home is a good day to start turning it into fish - Fiber Fish, to be precise. This is a fun little pattern.

It starts with a handful of these little dominos...

....then they get joined together in a mitten cuff/fish tail. This knitting represents a phone call with Aaron, a Peachy Keen episode of Good Eats, and a repeat of Num3ers. How's that for productive?

I'm working on a few other things, too: I made some yummy Browned Butter Oatmeal Praline cookies, I'm putting together some valentines, and I'm reading a book about White Christmas for class. I could get to like this popular culture thing!

Progress towards that "clean apartment" goal? Not so good. But finishing knitting projects is sort of like putting things away, I think. And starting is sort of like finishing.



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