Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knitting with the Knitters for Obama

The Bad Dogs are in Bloomington, and I'm in Chicago, celebrating Inauguration weekend with a whole bunch of Knitters for Barack Obama.

I came up Friday night and first met Minjo and her shovel - she had to dig me out after we established that I am not good at city parking in the snow. I'm pleased to report that she lives in a very friendly neighborhood - two total strangers stopped to help push my car off the snowdrift. I really hate parallel parking.

Together, we headed back down to Loopy Yarns, where we hooked up with Retroknit and Blackbunny, bringing together four of the five Knitters for Obama moderators. Jazzypom couldn't come, which is perfectly reasonable since she's British, but we missed her terribly. We're all grateful for her doing so much to help the group, when she could have easily spent the past years saying "you didn't like our George, so we don't really care that you're stuck with this one now!"

Blackbunny signed copies of her new book, and we posed for lots of group pictures of the four moderators - here I give you Blackbunny, Minjo, Retroknit, and me.

And here is where I reveal just how much of a geek I am, because I am so excited to report that Franklin took the above picture.

Today I was very good and very bad. I finished another project - my Wavy Gravy III hat.

But I also started another one....

...Wavy Gravy V, from some leftover Patons Shetland Chunky.

I'd feel more guilty about starting a new project, but I finished it the same day. Both hats are destined for cancer patients at the University of Chicago, as part of the Knitters for Obama chemo cap collection, so I've done a good deed by being a bad and impulsive knitter.

These are the hats they'll be joining - 200 of them, ready to go for Monday. The story even made USA Today!

Tonight was a lovely dinner with Minjo, Blackbunny, and Franklin, and tomorrow we'll be sightseeing and maybe yarn shopping. It's so much fun to meet my fellow Obama knitters!


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