Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wedding Planning

We've started to think about wedding plans, and I've lost track of how many times we've asked, "can't we just go to Vegas?" Our plan for a small wedding of just family and a few close friends still means 300 people, so we're finding it difficult to make plans on anything resembling a reasonable budget.

At least I've already made one important decision:

I picked out the yarn for my wedding shawl. I was at River Knits for charity knitting yesterday, and thought I might as well get started. So what I envision is something that's mostly white, accented with the green, and with a hint of the blue.

The green and white yarn is Fino, an alpaca/silk blend by Alpaca With a Twist. The blue is a treasure from my stash - reeled silk that was given to me at a rug factory in Turkey. It's in 4' lengths, so I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to incorporate it. But I've been saving it for a special project, and I can't think of anything more special.

And there's more news from home - we have a new neighbor.

We first noticed the nest a couple of weeks ago, and for the last few days we've seen babies. There seem to be three of them, and Mama Bird is nearly always with them.

The dogs are going to be on a short leash for awhile.

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Blogger Lavender A said...

At least you got the most important part of the wedding planning out of the way ;)

9:27 PM  
Blogger knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

Perhaps you could weave it in, in your knitting, to rember the rug factury in Turcy... I my self have been to Istanbul tu studdy ther rugs... I love the Kelim rugs.

all the best in planing for the big day.


6:57 AM  

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