Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Knitting

Last night's New Year's party wasn't meant to be a knitting party, but somehow things happen whenever two or more knitters get together. So I made some nice progress on my Moebius Scarf, and decided to keep going since I still have a lot of yarn left. No pictures, since right now it looks like a fuzzy blob of knitting. I look forward to casting off and seeing what I've made.

Today I cast on my first new project since before Christmas, and the only one that doesn't count in my 2-for-1 deal. This is the very beginning of the Bellini Lace Shawl from Morehouse Farms. This kit was a gift during the election, so it seems appropriate to cast on for this new year of a new administration. It's going to be a very simple project, so it's likely that this one will travel with me.

I really hope this project will travel too, but as a finished object. Since we're leaving for Washington, D.C. this weekend, I'm not sure that the finished "Versatility" shawl will get to go with me, but I intend to keep trying. So the newly cast-on project was mostly symbolic - I'm going to knit Versatility today and tomorrow, hoping to block tomorrow night and be ready to go on Saturday.


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