Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reversing Versatility

I've been working on a depressing paper. A very depressing paper. So to help move things along, I promised myself that I could start knitting "Versatility" when I got through the first outline/draft. So I packed up the Cadena yarn and brought it to Bloomington for the weekend, so I could reclaim the dogs and get started knitting.

There's a lot of quiet time during football season, so I made good progress. Until I got to my second pattern repeat, and found the mistake. Can you see that a row of bobbles is missing?

The pattern has been fixed on Knitty, but I was working from an older printout. I'm not sure I like knitting bobbles, so I wasn't inclined to notice their absence very quickly. I wound up ripping back four rows, which isn't fun to do with lace - even lace on such a grand scale.

But now I'm back on track, and it's coming along nicely. The Knitters for Obama got me hooked on "Countdown," so I got through the frogging and 17 rows of re-knitting thanks to Keith Olbermann and the local news. I find I watch a lot more TV when I have knitting I really want to do.

I'm worried, though, that I won't have enough yarn. I've already used one skein, and I've only completed one of the eight repeats of the main pattern. I'm even thinking about making the thing longer, so it will fit better in the cardigan formation - but I'll make that decision once I've figured out how much more yarn I'll need. This is bad, because I know I'll want to buy at least two more sweaters' worth of yarn when I go to Knitpicks, and I really don't need to do that.

Maybe I'll get another sweater out of hibernation, so it can give me guilt-inducing looks if I think about ordering more yarn.


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