Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sushi for the New Year

Is there any room in the house that can't be improved by knitting?

My own bathroom won't enjoy the presence of my festive knitting for very long, but since I have this great tile, I have to work in as many pictures as possible. This Sushi Toilet Paper Roll Cozy is my most recent finished objects, and one of the last must-complete Christmas presents, just in time for its recipient to come visit. Who wouldn't want a knitted and crocheted toilet paper cozy that looks like sushi?

This is where I used the acrylic yarn. Not even the most natural fiber obsessive knitter would use the good stuff for a toilet paper cozy. At least I wouldn't.

Now I'm trying to decide what will be my New Year's project to start tomorrow. I'll have to look around tonight and see what I have. I'm wearing last year's New Year's Day project, so perhaps I should think ahead to next December when I make my choice.


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