Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doggie Zero

Johnny got a Zero!
He got another Zero!
Johnny got a Zero! Today!
- Don Christopher and Merle Kilgore

Fill in "Laura" for "Johnny" here - I have my Zero, and I'm definitely ready to shout "Hooray!"

My Zero Dog is finished - in plenty of time for Christmas and Halloween!

Can you get more adorable than this? He was a time-consuming project; all single crochet. I made a few changes from the original pattern - a smoother tail, bigger ears, and smaller eyes. I'm in the process of knitting him an i-cord collar, so he'll look more like the original. But I think he's a pretty close match to the real ghostly thing.

He's a pretty close match to someone else, too. If Oscar ever gets invited to a Halloween party, we'll just have to paint him white and he'll be ready to go.

My timing on this one turns out to be amazingly good. We can't pretend the fall and winter holidays aren't approaching anymore - tonight's supposed to bring the first frost of the season.

So we picked all the remaining tomatoes. I'm not sure what one does with a bunch of green tomatoes, but picking them made more sense than letting them die on the vine. I hope some of them will ripen inside.

And there was a magical bit of summer remaining - two ripe strawberries. I'd been keeping an eye on one all week, and was pleasantly surprised to find there were really two! It felt more than a little strange to put on a winter coat to go pick strawberries, but I'll savor that taste for a long time!


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