Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Doggie Dignity

is pretty seriously compromised when the dog won't stop licking himself.

Poor Max has an infected hotspot. Which means that poor Max bears a striking resemblance to a torchiere lamp right now. A rather angry torchiere lamp.

Also a rather puzzled one. He's still figuring out that he can't lick himself.

Oscar is fascinated by the whole thing. He seems to think the lampshade collar makes a dandy chew toy.

The dogs' day was made brighter by a package delivery. Not only did they get petted by the mail carrier, but they got a box of toys from my sister!

See this Oscar the Grouch toy? The one by Max? That's the one she bought for Oscar.

And SuperGrover here is meant for Max.

I can't imagine they could read the note, so how did they know to steal each other's toys?

Dogs are weird.


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