Monday, November 03, 2008

One Day More...

Aaron is dog-sitting, so I have the freedom to Get Things Done. For the next two days, "Things" is election work.

I spent most of the day getting ready for tomorrow.

I've arranged to spend the day at the polls for Nels Ackerson, hoping we'll send him to Congress! I'll be at one of the Voting Centers, encouraging them to vote for Nels. If I can get in a good word for Barack Obama and John Polles, I'll do that too.

I'm trying to finish my socks, so I'll have them for tomorrow.

And I've picked out my Election Day project. Cat Bordhi made a lovely post to Knitters for Barack Obama, suggesting a Moebius scarf as election-day knitting. The Moebius, she points out, looks like it has two sides - but they flow into each other to make a single scarf. We hope that Barack Obama, as President, will bring the left and right together into a single, strong, America. She's even created a nice tutorial video, so you can learn how to do the Moebius cast-on without buying one of her books.

My Moebius is going to be made from some of the handspun I received in the HSKS5 swap. It's wheel-spun of Spunky Eclectic "Perfect Storm" roving, made by Morgana Black. I said I was going to save it for something special, and this should work well. It's a good choice, I think - the yarn has bits of black and white, and an overall blue look. I've cast on 270 stitches, for the 270 electoral votes I hope we'll see Obama get tomorrow. So I'm all ready to go work!

Just a bit of play before work - Nels Ackerson had a party tonight at the Knickerbocker Saloon, Indiana's oldest bar. All the local Democratic candidates were there, and a whole bunch of people. I saw John Polles again, and he thanked me for my piece about Molly Ivins. And Nels and his wife, Sharon, held the new sock. He was there when I started knitting it - I hope I'll be wearing it to his celebration tomorrow night!

One day more. Just in case you haven't seen this video from an improv comedy group, I'll share it here.


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