Friday, October 31, 2008

So close....

The election is SOOO close! Only a few days to go.

I've taken off work for Tuesday, so I can spend all of Monday and Tuesday volunteering for Obama and friends. I may devote most of my effort to Nels Ackerson's campaign, since he's really close and I'd like to see him win. But we'll see what's needed on Election day.

Today there was a nice meeting with Indiana's own junior Senator, Evan Bayh. Evan was Governor when I worked at the state legislature, and always seemed like a nice guy. He's out stumping for Obama now, which is impressive, since Obama sort of replaced Bayh as the Democratic party's up-and-coming fellow. He gave a nice little talk, and then took questions. I asked him about the statements that the President can't do anything, that all the power is with Congress, so the campaign promises don't mean anything. Bayh responded that there's a lot the President can do to set the tone for Congress, and that he can try to work with Congress to accomplish few mutually agreeable things early on, and set a good precedent of cooperation.

What's really impressive about Senator Bayh is that he asked about my sock, and was willing to hold it for a picture!

So was John Polles, who's running for the state legislature. John is on the Purdue faculty, and is a really friendly fellow - I'd really like to see him get elected. He's running against an Evil Developer, so I'd really, really like to see him get elected! And, well, he respects the sock. That's always a good thing, right?

It's been dubbed the "lucky sock." So now I'm feeling the pressure to get it finished for Election Day! I think I'll make it - and then I'll feel the pressure to pick some Election Day knitting!


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