Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nice to See

This brought joy to my heart today. These are students waiting to vote. Hundreds of them. Thousands, even, over the three days we've had early voting on campus. The line extends around a corner to include at least as many more people as are here - I saw a "20 minutes from this point" sign that had as many people behind it as in front of it.

Early voting had more excitement than I've seen at polling places on many election days. I remember being a poll worker and having people walk in off the street and say "oh, there's an election today?" No danger of that happening here.

My buddy Nels was out, spending three days in the cold shaking hands and giving interviews.
Ok, he's not really my buddy, but he did hold my sock. And I hope soon I'll be calling him "my Congressman," which sounds much more respectable.

Then there were the tables. And the signs. And the chalk signs. All the decorating of campus made the Homecoming preparations pale in comparison. The Democrats had this great table, with pamphlets and stickers and buttons and all the candidate love and information you could possibly want. The Republicans had one on the other side - I probably should've stopped to pick up something for My Man Mitch.

So it was a great and festive day, celebrating the joys of local and national democracy. I really need to get out and do more campaign work - time's getting short. And I'm getting hopeful. Not optimistic - but hopeful.

Need a bit more Obama love in your day? Check out these funny videos from Jews4Change.


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