Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ravelry Revelry

Today is expected to be the coldest day we've had in awhile - in the 20s or so - and I'm going to be walking around downtown. But cold means nothing to me today, because Heather's Wisconsin Winter Socks are just waiting for me to take them out to play!

These giant, warm socks are made with Ultra Alpaca and one of the Regia patterned yarns held together - so you get the durability of the Regia and the softness of the alpaca. I felt warmer as soon as I put them on.

They're the sort of socks that want you to snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of tea, and some daytime TV, but they're good for going out, too. They look like they have a lot of loft, but they fit under my Birkenstocks without any difficulty. So I took them out - out to River Knits for the Ravelry get-together.

Wow, was that fun! There was a big crowd of knitters at River Knits, although it wasn't as packed-to-the-gills as I'm told Stitches and Scones was last month. I didn't know a single person when I got there, but that doesn't matter - we're knitters, so we all have something to sit around and talk about - it's easy to bond. I didn't come away knowing many names, but I met knittingdragon (the only guy there, so he's easy to remember), and a cool 10 (or so) year old knitter who was starting her first lace project and who makes stitch markers in a really nifty design.

I also got to meet ShamrockKnits - which is really nice, since this time last month I was trying to kill her with an attack hat. Like I said, it's easy for knitters to bond - we always have something in common, even when it involves knitting with murderous intent.

Knitting was followed by lunch at Main Street Wine & Cheese, where they make a magnificent grilled cheese sandwich and sell wines by the glass. I thought a tasty treat was in order, since I did not buy a single ball or skein of yarn today. Pretty good, right?

(OK, I went over yesterday and spent over $100 getting what I needed before the Ravelry hordes descended. But I was good today, so that should count for something.)

When I got home, I discovered that we have a new friend. Isn't he (or she?) cute? I'm afraid all my pictures are fuzzy, since it was getting dark - but he's fuzzy too, so it's probably ok. He spent a long time sniffing around my living room window before heading home - and now I know why the dogs are so interested in the woodpile.


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